Academy of Trades & Technology
ATTHS From Struggle to Success

Academy of Trades and Technology combines career technological education and academic courses using project based learning to reach “at-risk” students, while developing their vocational, academic, social, personal, needs and skills required to attain quality employment.
The goals of Academy of Trades and Technology are:

Goal 1

To create and maintain an educational culture that encourages success and makes each student's  personal development possible.

Goal 2
To afford our students a supportive infrastructure and services intended to assist them in transitioning ​​​​​​successfully from student life to adult career management.

​​​​​* A small student to teacher ratio
* Mentoring for all students
​* A safe and consistent place to learn
* Collaboration with our community and community agencies
* An innovative non-traditional curriculum, schedule, and teaching strategy responsive to real student needs
​* Reinforcement of each student's self-worth, through participatory "ownership" in ATT curriculum and experience
* A curriculum that is asset driven because the students' community and family are valued and the students' heritage, culture, and neighborhood are valued​​​​

A Vision Builders' Production:​​​​​​​​​​​​​  About ATTHS

    • Our Mission
      The Academy of Trades & Technology values the ability to provide:
      Parents/Guardians who would like to set-up their "parent portal" to view their child's grades please send an email to:
      Teachers can access grade book from home.